Program Overview

The Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary Program, begun in 1988, trains predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees for careers in cancer research through an interdisciplinary program that involves faculty from a wide range of disciplines at the University of Arizona.   The Program offers course work and research opportunities leading to a Ph.D. degree in Cancer Biology.  A major goal of this interdisciplinary program is to provide trainees with an exciting and stimulating academic environment that inspires innovative cancer research, provides a foundation of knowledge in the basic science disciplines related to cancer research, and exposure to the challenges faced by clinicians that treat cancer patients.   The curriculum introduces students to knowledge derived from research in the production, properties, and therapy of cancer and assures that students have the necessary background to become independent investigators. Program activities encourage the development of students' critical thinking skills and their ability to communicate science findings orally and in publications.  Cancer Biology GIDP students are admitted through and supported by the Arizona Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program. After acceptance into the Cancer Biology GIDP, students are supported by funds derived from the Cancer Biology training grant, research grants and private donations to the Program.

Student Testimonial

"I appreciate the variety of opportunities offered by this program. I’ve designed a plan of study tailored to my unique interests and career aspirations."  
-Leila Lindeman


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Major in Cancer Biology

The program requires that graduate students majoring in Cancer Biology successfully pass ALL of the CBIO Core Classes (36 credits, 18 of which must be graded units). If a student plans to also minor in cancer biology, he/she must take additional Elective Courses to fulfill the graduation requirement (9 credits for the minor). However, if the student plans on minoring in another expertise, please check with that department's requirements (in terms of both coursework, as well as, number of faculty member needed for their Committee). For more detailed information about Majoring in CBIO, please take a look at the CBIO Handbook

Graduate College Requirement

  • 36 units in the major
  • 9 units in the minor
  • 18 units of dissertation

Minor in Cancer Biology

The program invites graduate students in other department and programs of the University to minor in Cancer Biology.  Two faculty members of the Cancer Biology GIDP (found here) are required to be on his/her committee and a minimum of 9 units of Cancer Biology coursework are required. It is best to speak to the director to determine which CBIO Core Classes or Elective Courses are best suited. For more detailed information about Minoring in CBIO please visit our CBIO Handbook. For more information about minoring in other areas of expertise, please visit their program handbook.