CBIO Seminar Series

Cancer Biology Seminar Series

ALL SEMINARS ARE MONDAY, 9 a.m. KIEWIT AUDITORIUM, University of Arizona Cancer Center Rm 2951

For further information or to view this password protected presentation live or archival, contact Anne Cione | 520-626-7479 | cionea@email.arizona.edu
Sponsored by University of Arizona Cancer Biology GIDP, T32CA009213 Cancer Biology Training Grant and the University of Arizona Cancer Center
Fall Coordinator Sam Campos, PhD. Spring Coordinator Jean Wilson, PhD

Date Fall 2017
August 21 First day of classes, no seminar, new student orientation
August 28 Anne Cress, PhD, Professor, UA Cellular and Molecular Medicine “Cohesive Invasion and Metastasis of Cancer
September 4

Labor Day Holiday, no seminar

Sept 11 Seminar cancelled
Sept 18 Cindy Miranti, PhD, Professor, UA Cellular and Molecular Medicine “TBA”
Sept 25 Montaser Shaheen, MD, UA Associate Professor, Medicine “Ubiquitin pathway proteins in the DNA damage response and cancer therapy
Oct 2

Sara Centuori, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cancer Biology Training Grant “TBA”

Oct 9 Schwetal Mehta, PhD, Assistant Professor, Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center “TBA”
Oct 16  
Oct 23 Bill Montfort, PhD, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, “TBA”
Oct 30

Usha Menon, PhD, Professor, UA Nursing “TBA”

Nov 6

Steffan Nawrocki, PhD, Associate Professor, UA Medicine “TBA”

Nov 13 Andrew Paek, PhD, Assistant Professor, UA Molecular and Cellular Biology “TBA”
Nov 20 Karl Munger, PhD, Professor of Development, Molecular and Chemical Biology, Tufts University (Hosts: Brittany Forte and Sam Campos)
Nov 27 Emmanuel Katsanis, MD, Professor, UA Pediatrics “TBA”
Dec 4

Ming You (Host: Donna Zhang)

Dec 6

Last day of classes