How to Advance to Candidacy

After you have completed the core CBIO requirements, you qualify for doctoral candidacy. Students are required to file for doctoral candidacy in the Summer of their 2nd year or at the latest the Summer of their 3rd year. 

  1. Complete RCR, Plan of Study, Comp Exam Committee Appointment, and Announcement of Doctoral Comprehensive Exam Forms on GradPath via UAccess. (Make sure to do this early, as it needs to travel through proper channels)
  2. Email your committee members you proposal for your prelim at least one month prior to exam date
  3. Book a room to take your prelim (email Anne for room reservations)
  4. Take and pass your prelim (typically three hours, the first half is a defense of your proposal, the second half is a test of general CBIO knowledge). 
  5. Submit the following documents:
    • Your qualifying exam form, signed online through GradPath
    • Your proposal from prelim
  6. Everything will be recorded on GradPath in UAccess
  7. If you meet the following criteria, the program will also issue you a doctoral candidacy form:
    • You will complete all CBIO core units during the current term
    • You have completed all of your required and elective courses
    • You have completed all three of your lab rotations and evaluations
    • Have grades recorded for all of your units, except for the current quarter in progress.
  8. Sign the candidacy form, have your PI sign it, and bring it back to us. We will obtain the Program Director's signature and record your candidacy.
  9. Congratulations, you are now a doctoral candidate!