Julia N. Cheng

PhD Candidate

Julia N. Cheng

PhD Candidate

Research Advisor:

Janet Funk

Research Topic:

Tumor and bone microenvironment signaling interactions during breast cancer bone metastasis

Selected Publications:

Cheng JN, Frye FB, Whitman SA, and Funk JL. Skeletal impact of 17β‐estradiol in T cell‐deficient mice: age‐dependent bone effects and osteosarcoma formation. Clinical & Experimental Metastasis. 2019. Epub ahead of print.

Selected Awards/Honors:

Louise Foucar Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowship (2019)

ARCS Foundation Phoenix Chapter Scholar (2018-2019)

Selected Presentations:

American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting; 2019; Atlanta, GA; "Modeling estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer bone metastasis to query osteolytic effects of tumor ER signaling"

University of Arizona Cancer Prevention and Control Seminar; 2019; Tucson, AZ; "Assessing therapeutic effects of dietary polyphenols in breast cancer bone metastasis: Models matter"

University of Arizona Department of Medicine, Endocrine Section Seminar; 2018; Tucson, AZ; "Elucidating TGFβ and estrogen crosstalk in bone metastatic ER+ breast cancer cells"


  • Arizona State University, BS, Microbiology, 2011
Current Graduate Students